A Star Is Born! Man Attains Celebrity Status After Brief Appearance On Jumbotron

ISLIP, NY – A brief appearance on the Madison Square Garden video board during a New York Knicks game has turned Vincent Gerni into an overnight sensation. Gerni and a group of friends from Long Island saw the Knicks defeat the Charlotte Hornets 110-107, on Friday, January 27. During a timeout in the 3rd quarter, a camera panned to Gerni’s group. Not one to miss an opportunity, Gerni showed his true colors, “Most guys just scream and cheer during their 5 seconds of fame. Not me. I chugged what was left of my beer, lifted my shirt and then flexed. As you can probably imagine, the crowd went bananas.”

When asked how his life had changed since the game two weeks ago, Gerni did not hold back, “Initially, I was recognized on the concourse right after I’d been on camera by some bros that wanted to buy me a beer. But at home lately, my mom has been getting all these calls about timeshare opportunities. Really? You want to pay me to live in West Palm Beach for two weeks a year? You know I’m on that.”

Like many other celebrities, unsolicited free goods and services have found their way to Gerni. “I ordered an Uber and when the driver arrived, he rolled down his window and said my name before I even got in the car. Obviously, he knew who I was. And once we got to my destination he refused to take any money. He said it was all taken care of. One of the perks, I guess.”

There seems to be no end in sight for Gerni’s new found, celebrity status, “I thought things had died down a bit but as soon as I returned to the city, it picked back up again,” Gerni lamented. “I walked through Times Square and was hounded the whole time by these guys wanting to give me brochures about tours and Broadway show tickets. Bro, come on. I don’t know what Wicked is, I just know I ain’t got time for nothing in Boston. I guess this is my life now.”

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