EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Dolezal Cast in Horror Movie to Finally End Race Debate

BURBANK, CA – It seems as though the controversy surrounding Rachel Dolezal and her ancestry claims might finally come to an end. The Royal Oak Gazette can exclusively report that Dolezal has been cast in the Hollywood horror film The Conference in Des Moines. Pre-production is already underway with principal photography set to begin in July.

The studio’s official synopsis details a group of business travelers attending an insurance conference in Iowa and the horror that awaits them:

When a promising weekend retreat highlighting the intricacies of policy form filing and nonforfeiture interest rates threatens to kill its attendees of boredom, a ruthless serial killer arrives to speed up the process. From strangulation by complimentary tote bag to impalement by sponsor branded writing utensils, there’s no method too gruesome for this killer. Can you make it to Sunday and fill out the attendee survey? Can you survive… The Conference in Des Moines?

A source close to the production explained the unusual choice for casting Dolezal, a woman with no acting experience, in a big budget Hollywood film, “We all know that old Hollywood cliché, the black guy/girl always gets killed off first. Well, if she can make it to the end credits, then she is definitely not black. That shit is ironclad. I know it sounds ridiculous but, hey, at least we aren’t rebooting another dormant franchise that no one cares about.”

Dolezal gained prominence in 2015 when she was outed by her parents as a white woman claiming to be African-American. After largely retreating from the public eye following the initial uproar, Dolezal resurfaced recently with the publication of her absurd memoir In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World. It seems she’s eager to extend her 15 minutes of fame by all means necessary.

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The Conference in Des Moines is scheduled for release on September 14, 2018.