We Got Him! FBI Announces Capture of The Antiques Roadshow Bandit

SPOKANE, WA – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the capture and arrest of Trevor Riley, also known as The Antiques Roadshow Bandit. After watching the 2013 episode taped in Boise, ID, Riley allegedly tracked down many of those appearing and stole several of the pieces featured on the show. Items stolen include several paintings, World War I propaganda posters and a vase from the Qing dynasty.

Riley was identified during the taping of the 2015 episode in Spokane, WA when he brought in a stolen Haitian fertility sculpture to be appraised by the show’s experts. Peter Mangan, spokesperson for the FBI detailed Riley’s behavior, “Mr. Riley is obviously a gifted criminal. He was able to track down the victims with only a first name, appearance, a regional idea of where they might live and the item seen on the show. His methods were sophisticated enough to steal at least 13 items, yet he couldn’t remember to not bring one that was stolen.”

Kevin Bardo, the appraiser who alerted authorities to the possible misconduct by Riley, recalled the events leading to the arrest, “I appraised the statue in Boise back in 2013 for around $10,000. During pre-production for the Spokane episode, I was alerted to yet another of these ultra rare artifacts. This immediately caught my attention. Do you think I am ever going to be able to forget a two-foot long, intricately carved sandalwood penis sculpture? Of course not. Plus the owner who brought it in the first time was quite memorable.”

Timothy Wallace, the sculpture’s owner and avid collector of phalluses, is relieved the statue was able to be recovered, “I’m glad to have it back because it’s a great centerpiece and conversation starter. It really ties the room together.” He knows the damage could have been worse, “That’s not even the most valuable wooden penis I own. The first one my uncle gave me when I was 10 is literally priceless.”

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Riley is charged with 13 counts of larceny and is being held without bond.